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Chapter 1: Thumb Out in Both Directions

Chapter 2: The Solution Is the Problem

Chapter 3: Building Health Care for America Now

Chapter 4: Ready, Set, Go!

Chapter 5: Health Care in the 2008 Election

Chapter 6: The Economy or Health Care?

Chapter 7: From the Ground Up — Champions

Chapter 8: From the Ground Up — Swings

Chapter 9: The Happy Warrior

Chapter 10: No HELP for the Gang of Six

Chapter 11: The Guns of August

Chapter 12: The White House Waffles

Chapter 13: If the Insurance Companies Win — You Lose

Chapter 14: The Baucus Bill Is a Failure

Chapter 15: Did the White House Try to Get Me Fired?

Chapter 16: The House Makes History

Chapter 17: Harry's Dilemma

Chapter 18: Lieberman's Revenge

Chapter 19: Christmas Eve

Chapter 20: Not Again!

Chapter 21: Stop Big Insurance — Congress Listens to Us

Chapter 22: Fighting For Our Health

Epilogue: The Fight Goes On